Simple, one-step skincare provides unprecedented moisture to satisfy your skin.

Safely fights against ageing and external damage with daily skincare that
gives fresh firm skin, filled with clarity and brightness,
and above all peace of mind.
We want to provide only the really good things, with nothing extra that
you don't need and as a result made in Japan,
our all in one skin care was born.


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ALL-J AJ moisturizing gel cream

The first skincare product that is made 

Japanese safety and peace of mind. Rich and high quality, blessed by nature.
Combining traditional craftsmanship and cutting edge technology, with a Japanese sense of beauty and hospitality. All of these to give you healthy and beautiful skin. This is what ALL-J aims to provide.

ALL-J AJ moisturizing gel cream

Multi-function gel cream which is made from 22 Japanese ingredients including the world’s first ultra-long-chain type natural human ceramide, plant extract and fermented rice bran extract.

Strengths the barrier function and moisturize your skin to restore its original firmness and moisture. AJ moisturizing gel cream also protects your skin against aging and stress for outstandingly beautiful, smooth and dewy texture.

  • Provides you all the skincare you need by condensing everything necessary into one single product.

  • This product gives you the brand new skincare experience, which will give you smooth and dewy skin.

  • Overly touching your skin and applying too much products when skincare can damage your skin.

  • By using our AJ moisture gel, you can minimize the number of the times of touching your skin. Using carefully selected ingredients condensed into one bottle, AJ moisture gel gives you smooth skin.

  • To ensure the safety of our product, we carefully select each ingredient from all over Japan, from Hokkaido to Okinawa and produce everything here with the Japanese top technology.

  • Made from the fermented Akita rice bran extract, which is produced through our partnership with a sake brewery and our top research institute.

  • 1. After washing your face, put 3-4 pumps-worth of the product on your hands and then spread it on your palms.

  • 2. Massage your entire face with gentle touch.

  • 3. Apply more products to the dry or rough areas where you are especially concerned about.